We all know that Italy is famous for their pasta dishes and pasta varieties, but they are also famous for their Pizzas! Recalling classic Margherita pizzas, topped with Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese with all that cheesy goodness. How can this not be a perfect meal to brighten  up anyone’s day!

As fascinating as it gets the word “pizza” comes from the Latin word ‘Pinsa’, which means flatbread. It was during the 18th and early 19th century when the introduction of tomatoes was introduced to the Italian cuisine which lead to the true modern Italian pizza. There are many traditional pizzas ranging from the Margherita to the Neapolitan pizza. It’s all recognized as a round shaped dish that is cooked in a wood fired oven!

Although there is so much of facts we can learn about pizza’s there’s one thing in particular that we should know! Have you ever wondered what the difference between hand-tossed and pan pizza’s are? We talk so much and explore various toppings and sauces but not the base of this mouthwatering dish! Well here are some fun points to know:

Too hot or too cold?

Baking and cooking at the right  temperature is very important when dealing with Italian food, if it’s too hot it might lead to the dish losing its moisture and softness.

Hand- tossed  Pizza:

When it comes to hand tossed pizzas they are usually baked at around 260 degrees Celsius for 10-15 minutes.

Pan Pizza:

They are baked at a slightly higher temperature approximately 460 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes.

You can tell by this that hand tossed pizzas are made with more care and has to be precise when it comes to baking temperatures!

The Preparation

Every detail while preparing the meal is taken into high consideration in the Italian Cuisine. When it comes to the base of the pizza:

Hand tossed pizzas:

They are actually TOSSED in the air! Now you need real skill to pull this one off! When preparing this base, it is essential for the dough to be soft, so it has to be kneaded for some time and then tossed into the air multiple times until it forms the perfect pizza base shape.

Pan Pizzas:

But pan pizzas are less interesting. The dough is prepared and then spread inside the round shaped deep pan to get the circular base shape.

Doesn’t it sound more fun to make hand tossed pizzas even though it takes a lot of skill and patience, which is exactly needed if you want to serve and make the best of the best pizzas!


How About the Dough?

From temperature to shape, even the dough is different!

Hand- tossed:

  • It’s fascinating how the hand tossed is actually flipped in the air, so the dough is softer and while it rises it easier to spread or lay onto the pan!

Pan- Pizza:

  • The dough is harder and it’s also restricted to the size and shape of the pan so the dough is also slightly fluffier compared to the hand tossed pizza dough.



Difference in the Crusts!

Have you noticed a slight difference in the crust of the two pizzas?

Pan pizza:

Is thicker and has a harder base. It is  also called as the deep-dish because it has a thicker and fluffier crust.

Hand- tossed pizza:

Has a flatter and crispier crust which is why it is easier to enjoy the toppings more than the base!


Reading all about pan pizzas and hand tossed pizza, you might be wondering which one we serve at Pastamania? Well, the most authentic and traditional pizza base is the hand-tossed pizza base and that is exactly what we serve!

Hand tossed pizzas are handled with care and takes a lot of skill to make and prepare, if you want to experience a flying saucer in the kitchen head over to Pastamania now and try out our hand tossed pizzas with real Italian flavored toppings bursting with love!


Now you know the difference between hand tossed and pan pizzas ! Did you know that October is celebrated as ‘National Pizza Month’! It started off by the publisher of Pizza Today Magazine, Gerry Durnell in October of 1984. Share this with your friends and family and fascinate them with your pizza facts!